Privacy Policy  
  Psychotherapy often requires recalling and talking about unpleasant aspects of an individual's personal history or present situation, which can bring up uncomfortable feelings such as sadness, anger, or shame. Although it may be necessary to talk about painful or embarrassing subjects, the role of the therapist is to be nonjudgmental and understanding.

All information is confidential except in those circumstances outlined in the practice Privacy Policy (see link on this page). Beyond these conditions, permission to disclose information requires written approval. Approval can be rescinded at any time. I may request access to my records. Access is regulated by the clinical guidelines of the College of Psychologists and the Privacy Policy. For patients under the age of sixteen, a parent/guardian is responsible for access to files and releases of information. Files are maintained for ten years from the date of last contact after which time they are destroyed.

Twenty-four hours notice is required for the cancellation of an appointment. Invoices will be issued for missed or late cancellation of appointments.
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