Psychologists are well trained professionals who spend 10-12 years in university psychology programs learning their craft. Psychologists are trained in assessment, treatment and prevention of behavioural and psychological conditions. Before effective treatment can be delivered, an initial assessment is required to understand presenting complaints, history of complaints and childhood issues which potentially contribute to present day symptoms. Psychotherapy is an effective method to assist individuals in coping with a wide range of psychological problems and to change behavioural, cognitive and emotional patterns which have previously led to general dissatisfaction or significant psychological disorders. Psychologists are capable of diagnosing a wide array of psychological difficulties including anxiety, somatoform, mood, psychotic, adjustment, neuropsychological and personality disorders. Our goal via effective assessment, listening and empathy skills is to assist our clients to gain a deeper understanding and ameliorate their symptoms and overall well-being. Psychologists utilize evidence-based approaches which is the foundation of our training and ongoing education. Our treatment approaches are based on research and current literature.

The various skills used by our staff allow us to offer an eclectic approach although we primarily utilize cognitive behavioural therapies in addition to supportive and metacognitive therapies. Metacognitive therapies examine not just dysfunctional thoughts or irrational beliefs but also examine our reaction to our thought process. We provide expertise in areas such as clinical or counseling psychology and will soon offer clinical neuropsychological assessment and treatment. Additionally, we offer health and rehabilitation services as we conduct assessments for insurance companies, WSIB and lawyers for those individuals suffering from disabilities arising from work related issues or motor vehicle accidents.

Our team has decades of experience in the provision of psychological assessments, treatment and counseling services for children, adolescents and adults. We provide therapy to individuals, couples and families. Services are provided by registered psychologist or by well experienced Masters or Doctoral level clinicians under the supervision of a psychologist.
  Types of Services  
  Our primary modality is individual psychotherapy where we are skilled in helping individuals with a wide variety of presenting concerns.

We assist individuals with general life difficulties such as life transitions involving childbirth, parenting, and independence issues of leaving home or other adjustments to life changes, preparing for marriage or managing separation, loss, death or job stress. Anger management problems are also frequently seen within our practice. We also treat individuals who suffer from various depressive disorders including single episodes which are reactions to undue distress or loss, bipolar disorders or recurrent or chronic depressions. Historically our practice started with the treatment of anxiety disorders where we primarily treated individuals suffering from panic disorder and agoraphobia. At this time we treat many individuals suffering from anxiety, undue worry or generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, agoraphobia, specific phobias, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder. We also treat personality disorders which lead to a plethora of life and relationship problems in addition to addiction issues and workplace stress. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, both hyperactive and inattentive type in children and adults has also been a frequent presenting problem in this practice. Much of our practice is focused on couples and marital counseling to assist in a variety of relationship difficulties including sexual and intimacy problems, conflict resolution and parenting. Effective relationship treatment relies on learning skills to more effectively communicate and both give and receive love. Individuals' ability to attach based on early childhood learning regarding closeness to each parent and their closeness to each other significantly contributes to present day relationship difficulties. Focusing on one's own responsibility in the demise of a relationship effectively reduces conflict, criticism, blame and shame.

Effective psychotherapy is aimed toward teaching individuals specific skills and self-empowerment in managing the above-mentioned difficulties. Skill acquisition assists individuals to manage not only current situations but future encounters where individuals can generalize the use of these skills. The basis of all psychotherapy is trust and empathy where individuals feel safe to disclose private and confidential information. Such expression or catharsis allows individuals to rid themselves of deep-seated emotions in order to learn more effective emotional, cognitive and behavioural techniques for the future. The therapeutic process itself is as important as skill acquisition and the techniques learned during such treatment. Fortunately, our staff are all veterans and have practiced within this office for many years and are capable of effectively managing many difficult situations. We are also fortunate that in the near future we will have a new graduate who will have the designation of both clinical psychologist as well as neuropsychologist. Jeff Frazer is finishing his final year of residency in Winnipeg and will join us later in 2012. He will offer further assessment skills in a variety of neuropsychological disorders including dementia, ADHD, head injuries, stroke etc., and he will also assist clients in treating all of the above psychological difficulties.
  Service Fees  
  Psychologists in private practice are not covered by OHIP however our services are covered by most extended health insurance plans. Other individuals may be covered by auto or long-term disability insurance. Although fees vary somewhat dependent upon direct or indirect payment, fees will cover an hourly service. Further fees may be required.  
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